Saturday, October 10, 2009

On to Idaho!!!

After Utah we all headed to my parent's house in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was fun going with people who had never been there before because we got to show them all the sites that we generally just overlook. We, or at least I, had a great time with them all. I know my parents did too! It was interesting having only one bathroom with 12 people, 9 of which were girls, but we seemed to manage just fine.
This is Tabi, Toni and I down at Centennial Park...looking at the Perrine bridge and the Snake river.
Tori being the ham that she is when in front of a camera!
Tabi and Tim...oooh, aren't the sweet?!?
After looking at the bridge from below, we went and walked across it! It was great. It is REALLY high up there...I believe it is one of the tallest bridges above water (or something like that!) On the left is a public golf course and on the right is the private one.
Don't ask me why, but this is what Morgan does when the sun is in her eyes!! I understand the hand up top, just not sure about the one on the bottom...maybe for a bright reflection off the ground?!?! It was fun walking across the bridge because it shakes as the big trucks/diesels drive across. The kids, Nick and Tim included, had fun getting rocks and throwing them into the water to see if they would make a splash. It took a LONG time for them to actually hit...half the time you would want to look away thinking it didn't do anything, and then a few seconds later it would finally hit!These are the crazy base jumpers that jump off the bridge! We actually got to watch one of them do it while we were there! A lot of people come to do this on the Perrine bridge because it's one of the only places where it is legal.

This is where we watched the guy first it looked like he was going to land in the water, but he managed to land on the strip of ground instead...bummer!
So these are the Shoshone Falls that are USUALLY a major tourist stop in Twin. Unfortunately they aren't going right now...because of the drought and the dam and all of that. The picture below shows what they look like when the water is really flowing. They are beautiful...I wish they would have been going so the Hogues could actually see them-guess they'll just have to come back again!
Since the adults and older kids were going to be going to a haunted house that the younger kids couldn't go to, we decided to take them one afternoon to the bounce house and let them have fun and go crazy...which they did! They seemed to have a blast...and it was really nice because we were the only ones in there and didn't have to worry about anyone else getting in the way!
Taegan in the ball pit...
followed by Tylee in the ball pit!
They had fun pushing all the balls up to right under the slides so that they got covered when they slid into them.
Morgan flying through the looks like Tori just took her out and sent her flying, but really she's just jumping...I think!?!
Morgan giving the camera, and me, kisses through the net!
Why can she never look at the camera when I want her too??
The slide was by far Morgan's favorite thing at the place...I think she went on it a hundred times!!
And once Tim got there it was one of his favorites as well!

Overall we had a great time! I wish I would have gotten more pictures of us all...maybe next time. I don't have any pictures of the totally awesome, totally freaky haunted house that we went to, but it was probably the highlight of the trip! And don't believe what Tabi tells you about me and getting freaked out...she WAY over exaggerates;)

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